Site Reliability Engineer

Volumental, Stockholm, Sweden

Volumental is a young and supportive company with a friendly, talented and diverse team of 28 people, currently comprising 14 nationalities. We have a collaborative atmosphere and believe in developing our employees and growing our business while having fun at work.

At Volumental, we’re passionate about creating a great shopping experience and helping people find the best products for them (both fit and style) - starting with shoes. To do that we 3D scan people’s feet and use AI to find or create shoes that fit you perfectly. This data also helps our customers, mainly world leading brands, to develop better products. We do this by utilizing our beautifully designed high tech software and hardware, at present unparalleled in the global retail industry.

We’re also in a strong growth phase. Since we started rolling out in 2016, our scanners are now in stores in 35 countries and help thousands of people every day find shoes that fit. So we’re a crucial part of making retail more efficient, personalized and sustainable.

What’s your part in this?

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will be part of a team that ensures that Volumental’s services are reliable, secure and able to scale according to demand. You will work closely with developers to facilitate delivering new features, and ensure that those features are rolled out without interrupting running services. You will likely spend 50% of your time performing reliability tests and investigating and resolving issues in production and staging systems, and 50% building tools and automation to make sure such issues will be handled with less effort or never occur. You will work with and regularly commit code and fixes to the same codebase as developers.


Understand networking and challenges connected to that:

  • GRPC

  • HTTP/1.1 vs. HTTP/2

  • Routing

  • TLS termination

  • IP, TCP, UDP, etc.

Understand distributed systems

  • What is a Retry Storm? When can it happen? How do you avoid it?

  • When should you use a circuit breaker?

  • How do you upgrade a service with zero downtime?

  • Where do you store state? How do you mutate state?

Tools, technologies & concepts

  • Chaos Engineering

  • Probes, tracing and monitoring

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Auto scaling & rolling updates

  • Canary releases

  • Kubernetes

  • Services meshes

  • Authentication in microservices

  • Load balancers

  • Message brokers

  • Serverless infrastructure

  • Distributed state management

  • Schema migration strategies

  • API version management strategies

You’ll have lots of opportunities to learn on the job, so don’t worry if you only fulfill a third of this wish list so far. We’re excited about you because you:

  • are a collaborative and kind team member

  • are open to learning new things and happy to teach others

  • have a helpful attitude, and are willing to jump in where you’re needed.

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