Rewarding external recommendations from experts with revenue share

A successful hire through Included will get you a reward based on 4% of the candidate's first year's salary.

Follow the recommendation and hiring process from the Included dashboard. When the candidate gets hired, we share the hiring share with you: this is your finder's fee for helping the company hire top talent.

Based on a typical Swedish software developer salary, your share would amount to roughly 21600 SEK (≈ $2300).

You get ≈ 21 600 SEK

We give you 4% of a candidate's first year's salary. The above number is based on an average software developer salary.

“I'd like to recommend Ellie to the job as Data Scientist. When we worked together at Stripe, she was not only a skilled co-worker I learnt extensively from, but also a team player I'd love to work with again. I think she would be a great asset to your team at Lookback.”

How it works

Included Works is a crowdsourced hiring platform for experts recommending other experts. Upon hire we do revenue share with the recommender. Recommendations are sent directly to the hiring manager.

What it means

As an expert in a field - whether if you're a developer or UX researcher or something else - you're more likely to understand and assess skills and work ethics for other people in the same field. This makes you and your fellow colleagues the best recruiters out there! Our framework will make sure that you get rewarded for this expertise when you help companies.

What makes a great recommendation

To succeed with helping your friend to a new job, you need to make a quality recommendation. Here are some tips to consider:

Make sure that your candidate is ready to switch jobs, and interested in the position that you're thinking of. Included will also verify this by contacting the candidate directly, but preparing them for a recommendation will minimize friction.

Have you worked with the candidate before? We only accept recommendations where the people have had a professional connection with each other. This improves the trustworthiness of your endorsement.

On top of this, we also let the hiring manager rate your recommendation - independently if the candidate got hired or not. This feeds back into your recommender score, which affects the next recommendation you make.

  • Employment fee
  • Income tax
  • What you get

Rewarding external recommendations

Included is an international service, and ultimately it's your responsibility to make sure you pay the appropriate taxes on this income based on your location.

As we're based in Sweden, we will pay employment fee (arbetsgivaravgift) and income tax on the finder's fee if you're also located here. If you have a commercial entity that you'd rather send an invoice from, let us know and we'll set that up. Note that you will be regarded as an employee of Included as a recommender.

Not into money - give to charity

Recommenders can choose to donate the whole or a part of their finder's fee to a charity of their choice. This will be visible for hiring managers when making a recommendation.

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