iOS developer

Lookback, Remote

Lookback is a cash flow positive, remote-first, SaaS startup from Stockholm, with headquarters in Palo Alto. We are hiring a senior iOS developer to rewrite our screen recording WebRTC streaming app (and beyond).’

We've turned our culture around from "move fast and break things" to premiering engineering pride and enjoyment. We're letting software development take its time, and engineers are given a lot of leeway to implement things they way they feel is future proof and enjoyable. We've had four very successful complete rewrites in the past year, even in languages we didn't know before, because we trusted developer instincts that this would be the most stable way forward, and because our developers are great teachers who bring the team with them.

We have a functioning iOS app and SDK, but it hasn't yet gotten the above treatment. Therefore, we're looking for an engineer to lead the work in rewrite or refactor as needed to:

  • Improve stability. Lookback is known for being rock-solid, and our iOS app needs to up the game.

  • Prepare for the future. We have product developments to push into the app further down the line.

  • Great iOS "feel". The app should showcase a strong iOS UI experience. You would lead the work, and be assisted by our current iOS engineer (but who is unable to do this on his own because he is also your team lead).

To do this, we think you need lots of experience in developing iOS apps. The current app is Objective-C and Storyboards, but we think the future is functional reactive streams and Swift. We extensively use Video and WebRTC technologies: some experience in that is good, but we also have in-house devs in this area to guide you.

We offer competitive salaries and 30 days of vacation per year which we expect you to use (please).

We have a small but highly competent team of engineers and a hands-off management culture. And we love building tech.

The position will be based remote in Europe.

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