Senior Android developer

Lookback, Remote

Hello -_-v

We’re looking to expand our distributed team with a skilled, experienced senior Android developer. Someone who loves building great user experiences, innovative and reliable products as well as working with real-time media streaming. We’re looking for you who’s excited about the opportunity to work in a remote team and to build a product for some of the world’s most impactful tech companies (Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and thousands of others).

Ideal set of experiences:

You've been part of a fully distributed startup team in the past, preferably from the early days all the way through to becoming a larger company. Published examples of your Android apps in the Play Store Have experience with working with media, preferably real-time, as well as transcoding, recording, streaming, processing, etc Network communications, APIs Implementation of algorithms and data structure fundamentals Experience with languages beyond Java is desirable, but not a requirement (such as JavaScript (particularly Node), Go, C/C++, etc) Experience from Android development from other startups and/or bigger tech companies Contributed to open source projects Worked with building interfaces, user experiences and workflows In terms of characteristics, we think you are something like this:

You’re excited about Lookback's mission of using technology to create more empathy. You’ve got strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills (we do a lot of text communication). You’re humble, you like personal growth, and you listen well. You choose a positive outlook on life. You’re self-organized and driven. You love traveling and are excited about Lookback’s offline retreats (“meetups”) You believe technology has the ability to be a great force of good for humanity, and want to contribute to that movement. You value introspection and emotions, and are striving to become more aware of the emotions of yourself and those around you. You thrive in small teams with a lot of collaboration. More about Lookback, the role, and compensation:

This is a full-time position, working from U.S or European timezones. If you’re in EU, we’d ask of you to work later in the day a few days per week, to overlap more with the U.S. You’d be working primarily with Lookback’s Live technology and maintaining and scaling our Android app. Working at Lookback means a lot of autonomy, and you’d have a lot of freedom and influence in terms of tech decisions and choosing the best way forward to get a job done. We offer competitive salary, stock options in a high-growth startup with lots of potential, 30 days of paid time off plus national holidays as well as great insurance for yourself and dependents (U.S only). We also offer paid travel and accommodation for three retreats per year (last time we went to Miami Beach 😎). Our culture is based around empathy, personal growth and humbleness, ambition and excellence, and delivering great value to our customers. We see Lookback as a vehicle to be able to impact the world, and can’t wait for what’s ahead. We are well-funded by tech investors from both the U.S and Europe (Spectrum28, Index Ventures, Lakestar). We work in cross-functional, goal-oriented teams using a modified OKR system we call OKRE (Objective, Key Results and Experiments). Applying

We’d love to hear from you. To apply, shoot an email to omgworkwithus@lookback.io where you answer some initial questions below. (If we’re interested, we’ll probably follow up with a few more.)

Describe yourself and who you are Why would you like to work with us, specifically? How do you meet our ideal requirements, listed above? Can you show us the larger apps you’ve built and maintained? What was your role? Can you tell us about your experience working with media projects, WebRTC, real-time streaming, or the likes? Can you tell us about your remote working experience, and which timezone you’re in? If you absolutely insist on submitting your resume, please do so in PDF format. Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you.

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