Included Works

Internship or thesis on statistics for gender equality

Included Works, Stockholm, Sweden

We are looking for a intern to do research on statistics and gender equality in the (tech) workplace.

We are is a Swedish startup in Stockholm building a hiring service for a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We are founded by two entrepreneurs with a purpose to change the world into a more diverse and inclusive place, starting with the workplace. Previously one of the co-founders started, an organization for women in tech, with 17 countries and 24 chapters around the world aiming to elevate female role models in tech.

You might be:

  • A writer that loves statistics and gender equality

  • A statistics student who cares deeply about inclusion

  • A gender science student who want to write about inclusion

  • A UX research student that wish to apply your science on diversity data design.

  • A developer who likes data visualization and building infographics

Your work with us

We have tried outlining a few ideas of the areas where we think this might go, and hope that you have ideas of your own. We are also open to your input on this matter, taking a lead on where and how things can work. The important thing is that we can get some sort of commercial use of the data that is collected, new or old. For thesis work, we can help formulate a hypothesis together with you.

  • Most likely you are writing a paper as part of your education and have some sort of an idea of why you want to work with us - likely a thesis. You will then probably perform research with our company customers, as well as other companies.

  • Maybe you want to write a commercial piece for us to help companies understand existing data, and why they should be more diverse and inclusive (based on existing research others have made).

  • You are a UX researcher and you want to do UX research on gender diversity design.

Work environment.

You can either work remotely, or with us in Old Town in central Stockholm. We are currently 2-3 people working on the project. Our coffee machine is amazing, we’ve got nice ergonomic chairs, and probably the best view in Stockholm.



When will you do it?

The internship time can vary from spring 2018 till the end of the summer 2018. Work remotely or onsite.

How do we interview?

Our recruiting process consists of you sending an application (cover-letter and CV). After that, we’ll invite you to a Skype interview and then move on with further meetings, either in person or over Skype.


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