Experienced software developer with frontend focus

Billogram , Stockholm, Sweden

Let’s face it, invoicing sucks. But Billogram has shown that it doesn't have to be that way. We’ve transformed billing into a positive part of the customer experience, by inventing the digitally shared invoice. We’re here to make invoicing a mutually beneficial transaction - out with the old debt collection method and in with a new experience that leaves everybody satisfied.

We do everything in-house. Our amazing product development team builds and maintains Billogram’s entire system, from the backend of our complex invoice processes, to the interactive and visual challenges of the frontend.

Here at Billogram you will work in a dedicated, cross functional team of 3-4 people, helping your team bring about the best solution to the problem that you’re working on. We believe that you will continually strive to help improve the product and give your honest input on everything from wireframes and designs, to your teammates’ code. You’ll partake in testing and of course, write brilliant code. Nobody’s perfect and when your code isn’t quite as radiant, we think it’s important that you can take feedback in stride, so that we continuously improve and develop together.

Your main role in the team will be to develop and use our frontend foundation in order to put together an excellent user experience. However, no task is out of scope at Billogram and we expect you to not mind getting your hands dirty with whatever is needed at the moment - that’s why we think you’re no stranger to backends.

In exchange we’ll provide you with a flat organisation where you can broaden and develop your skill set, vary the types of tasks you work on as well as move into other roles within Billogram as we grow. Your time at Billogram will be characterized by freedom and flexibility, the sense of ownership, working together with other dedicated and proud co-workers, and last but not least, being apart of a great group of people, building long lasting friendships. We have our relaxed, spacious office in the heart of Stockholm (literally 3 minutes on foot out from the Central station). We value solid contribution over putting in your hours, therefore you can come and go very much as you please and you can also work remote when you need to.

We expect you to:

  • Have thorough knowledge of modern web development and practices (both frontend and backend)

  • Be interested in exploring/keeping up with new technologies, methodologies and developments

  • Care about efficient web development

  • Have experience of the React ecosystem or other similar frameworks and technologies

  • Understand how backend and frontend systems can collaborate to provide an optimal product

  • Be proactive, take responsibility, work autonomously & always strive for excellence

  • Have experience in our tech, which is mentioned below

We’re using:

  • React/Redux/webpack/Babel/Jest/ESLint/Flow

  • Python(2.7 & 3.x)/Django/AsyncIO

  • PHP/ZendFramwork

  • MySQL/DynamoDB

  • Redis

  • AWS

  • Docker

As with most tech companies, there are a lot of (cis) guys here, so we highly encourage you who identify as anything else to apply for this role. It's a full time position at our Stockholm office. If you'd rather freelance we're not for you - we want our employees invested for the long run. Check out our career site - - to get a feeling for the team you’ll be joining.

Do you have any questions, or just want to know more about us? Then don’t hesitate to get in-touch. By now you’re hopefully already imagining yourself joining the Billogram team, and if that’s the case, we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

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